Sr. Principal Signal Integrity Engineer

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Position Type:  Full Time

Summary of position

Signal Integrity/Package design Engineering team supports all our client’s current and future product developments. The SI/Packaging team owns all steps of the signal and power integrity support process including die and package model generation, product performance analysis, system-level SI evaluation, measurement, correlation, and customer support.


  • Lead a small team of Signal and power integrity engineers.
  • Design and model high-end packages that are optimized for signal and power integrity
  • Explore new solutions such as High-Density Interconnects, Interposers, and package-on-package (PoP)
  • Developing unique signal and power solutions based on design objectives of performance and cost
  • Selection of appropriate signaling and interconnect technology for high performance interfaces
  • PDN Methodology Development: Simultaneous switching noise/output (SSN or SSO) analysis for each I/O PWR/GND domain and Power integrity analysis for each PWR/GND domain: package extraction, simulation & decoupling strategy
  • Optimal layer stackup & PWR/GND plane/island assignment to minimize voltage drop/noise/coupling
  • Definition and simulation of high speed interconnects using simulation tools
  • Crosstalk analysis and reduction

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 5 years of package design simulation experience in high speed/RF/DDR/Analog designs, circuit and package modeling, and extractions
  • Good understanding of package design and relationship between physical layout and electrical performance
  • S-parameter modeling methodology, power Integrity concepts and principles, simulation/debugging insights, physical scaling/dimension implications to EM behavior of silicon circuits, transmission paths/media, discrete/passive components, and integration of silicon/package/capacitors/ printed circuit board structures
  • Experience and working knowledge of E.M. field solvers (quasi-static and full wave), time and frequency domain simulation tools like Ansys HFSS, Sigrity PowerSI / Speed2000 / XtractIM, Mentor Graphic Hyperlynx, HSPICE S-parameter extraction and simulation
  • Thorough knowledge of electromagnetic and transmission line theory, general I/O design, signal integrity, differential and single ended interface technologies.
  • Clear understanding of power distribution network design and optimization techniques.
  • Candidate should be self-motivated and take ownership of assigned projects.
  • Candidate must be a US Citizen.

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