Visualization Staff Engineer

Location: San Jose, CA

Position Type: Full Time


  • Responsible to design electrical systems for visualization: create/directs schematic capture, PCB layout, PCB manufacturing. Board bring-up and verification.
  • Responsible to lead in designing, prototyping and developing components and/or systems for endoscopic visualization, including imaging sensors, light sources, digital image and video capture devices and displays
  • Responsible to write software for embedded systems or create firmware for FPGA including video algorithms and software processors.
  • Responsible for creating and developing product user needs and specifications.
  • Responsible for developing technical architectures and platforms
  • Responsible to research new technologies, create prototypes to demonstrate the application of those technologies to endoscopy.
  • Responsible for research on possible applications for endoscopy by creating proof of concept demonstrations


  • B.S in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering or equivalent; M.S. or PhD. preferred
  • 4 years of related experience required, medical device experience preferred.
  • Strong technical background in electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science or biomedical engineering
  • Strong technical expertise in one of the following: embedded systems design, programming(C/C++/java or other object oriented language, Matlab, LabVIEW), embedded and/or real time operating systems, schematic capture/board layout, digital or analog design, FPGA design and algorithms, image/video processing algorithms.

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