Scientist/Senior Engineer

Job Location: Jersey City, NJ


Our client is a leading data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, natural resources, financial services, government, and risk management. Our client is looking for highly motivated candidates for their Computational and Human Intelligence Lab interested in solving pure and applied research problems as well as work with engineering teams to develop deployable AI and ML products and services in areas including computer vision, natural language processing, speech understanding, and as well as other problem spaces in the FinTech industry.

The lab is focused on building human-machine collaborative systems and intelligent workflows to extraction information from structured and unstructured data – documents, images, videos, and audio data. Focus areas include deep generative models and Bayesian deep learning, learning with small amounts of data/ supervision, creating knowledge representations and leveraging them for ML, active inference and continuous learning.


  • Conduct theoretical and applied research in ML and AI, advance the state of the art, create intellectual property (patents), and publish in top-tier conferences and journals
  • Mentor graduate students, advise on research theses and work on university collaborations
  • Develop algorithms and systems to solve large-scale, real-world problems; their rapid prototyping, deployment, and evaluation; hardening and optimizing for speed, size or accuracy
  • Collaborate effectively in hybrid teams composed of ML scientists, software engineers, product managers; work with BU & marketing teams to deliver solutions & addressing customer concerns
  • Present and discuss work to research and business teams, management and at conferences and Expos


  • A PH.D. in computer science, electrical engineering, Statistics, Applied Math or a related discipline
  • 5 years hands-on experience in building AI and ML applications in computer vision, natural language processing, speech understanding or related areas
  • Excellent programming and systems skills; proficiency in C++, Python, Lua and relevant tools & libraries like Torch, Tensorflow, Keras, OpenCV, etc.; familiarity with GPU programming
  • Excellent problem-solving, and analytical skills; ability to think out of the box and to learn quickly
  • Passion for theoretical and applied research and for answering hard questions with data

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