Camera Systems Engineer

Location: San Diego, CA

Our client provides processing for more camera devices than any other manufacturer in the world, including traditional camera companies, and other smartphone producers. Your work will touch consumers globally.

Influence what's next

Collaborate with the worlds major manufacturers, platform providers, sensor vendors, and ecosystem partners. Have your innovations intersect emerging opportunities in smartphones, internet of everything, drones, automotive, and anything else that benefits from cameras and image processing. Drive what's possible and what's next.

Build a complete solution

Our client develops the entire end-to-end camera and imaging solution. We interface to various image sensors and provide all the downstream processing. Our designs power flagship products with premium camera capabilities, along with budget devices, and everything in between. Learn what it takes to build a complete solution. Camera Systems Team crafts the technologies that go into perfecting the photography experience and enabling devices to see and understand the world around us. If you have passion and expertise in the following focus areas, we would love to talk with you!

  • ISP pipeline and algorithms design
  • 3A algorithms design: white balance, exposure, focus
  • Image quality evaluation and metric development
  • Computer vision processing
  • Machine learning and statistical data analysis
  • Image quality tuning
  • Analysis tools and automation development
  • Camera sensor and module interfacing and control
  • Embedded camera architecture analysis and design
  • Solution optimization across ASIC HW, CPU, DSP, GPU
  • Analysis of new CMOS image sensor design and quality for better ISP & 3A design
  • Computational Photography

Job Type: Full-time

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