Tough Questions

Don't Be Afraid. Utilize The Sandwich Technique ...

Sandwich: Positive (bread), Negative (filling), Positive (bread).

Example Of Sandwich Technique

The prospective employer points out that you only have six months of experience using the computer. Sandwich the negative in between the positive.


Positive: I thoroughly enjoy working on the computer.
Negative: Though I only have six months experience, and I realize that is not a very long time...
Positive: I am confident that I can pick it up quickly and would be more than willing to do what it takes to get up to speed (if you really feel that way).


Examples Of Tough Questions
And How To Answer Them


Stagnation Probe
You've been with XYZ Company in the same position for five years now. Why haven't you been able to move up?


Stagnation Defense
The new positions that have opened up have gone to employees who have a lot more seniority than I do. That's why I'm looking for a company that offers a real opportunity to grow and develop because I'm the type of person that would accept additional responsibilities when the company feels I am ready for them. What can you tell me about the possibilities for long-term growth in the future with your company?


Stagnation Probe
Being in the same job at the same company for such a long time can make you stale. How will you cope with the challenge of a new job in a new organization?


Stagnation Defense
It's precisely because I don't want to get stale that I'm looking for a new opportunity. From what I understand, your company offers just that. Can you tell me more about the kind of challenges I'd face in this job?


Job History Probe
Going over your resume, I notice that you've changed jobs several times in the past.


Job History Defense
As you can see, my job moves haven't been lateral, they've all led to positions of greater responsibility. Now that I've gained this experience, I'm looking to settle down with a company that will keep me challenged - like this one.

If you've worked for companies that have closed or geographical moves have been involved, point that out. If there have been other reasons, state the reason and then move quickly to the importance of settling down for the long term.

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