End-of-Interview Questions

At the end of an interview, you will often be asked if you have any questions. Always answer "Yes." Preface your question with statements such as "I would like to know. . . " or "I am curious to know. . ." or "Would you share with me. . ."


Examples Of Questions You May Ask The Interviewer

"What are some of the priorities you would like me to accomplish in the first 90 days?" or "a project that you would like to see completed in the first 90 days?" "


What caused you (Mr. or Ms. Employer) to get excited about this company when you came on board?"

"What are the company or department goals for 2001?"

"Are you expecting your new employee to be creative and come on board with ideas to solve problems?"

"How do you measure success in your company?"

"Tell me about the best person you have ever had in this position and what made that person unique."


Prepare Your Own Relevant Questions Beforehand
Make a list of questions that make sense to you and would be appropriate for the job you are interviewing for (and keep them handy in your portfolio/pad that you are bringing with you).

If asked, "Where do you see yourself in the next five years?", answer "In the next five years, I would be looking for career growth. Once you get to know me and feel comfortable with my work, I would like to take on more responsibility."


Do Not Bring Up Salary During The Interview
Never bring up salary or benefits! If pressed, you can tell the employer what you are currently earning and add, "after you have reviewed my qualifications, I am sure you would be fair with an offer."

On your job application, put "open" or "negotiable." "I understand the salary range is ____. I am comfortable with that salary range. Just to give you some guidance, I am currently earning ____."

Be truthful about your current salary, if asked. There is only one good answer: "What I'm looking for is the right career opportunity. I'm confident that if you want to hire me, you will be fair with an offer.

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