Interviewing Tips

Getting Started

General Questions If the thought of a potential interview is overwhelming, you are not alone. Most people have never been trained to interview and they do not usually take the time to prepare and practice. You should not participate in any interview without advance study and preparation. One common mistake…

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Tough Questions

Don't Be Afraid. Utilize The Sandwich Technique ... Sandwich: Positive (bread), Negative (filling), Positive (bread). Example Of Sandwich Technique The prospective employer points out that you only have six months of experience using the computer. Sandwich the negative in between the positive.   Positive: I thoroughly enjoy working on the…

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Close for the Job

Express Your Enthusiasm And Desire For The Position All things being equal, people hire candidates who want to work for them. You should close with, "I'm very impressed with what I've learned today. There is no doubt in my mind I can do this job and would do it well.…

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Sample Behavioral Questions

Be Prepared For Thought-Provoking Questions In today's marketplace, interviewing requires lots of thought and preparation. Employers are utilizing the behavioral interview to get to the heart of the matter and perhaps uncover problem areas. Be prepared to handle thought-provoking questions such as these: When was the last time you knew…

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