Staff RF Design Engineer

Location: Santa Ana, CA

Position Type:  Full Time

Salary: $135K

Summary of position

Looking for highly motivated and dynamic RF Design Engineer who will be responsible for RF circuit and 2.4GHz PCB antenna tuning and optimization in new Remote-Control products having Bluetooth/BLE, RF4CE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Z-Wave radios. The candidate must also have a solid understanding of RF matching tools and techniques, simulation tools, PCB layout rules, crystal oscillator measurement/calibration methods, plus design and production RF testing methods. The candidate requires understanding of the products from the system architecture level through component level design.


Design and test a RF circuits into 2.4GHz in Remote Control products having Bluetooth/BLE, RF4CE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Z-Wave radios.

Participate in high level system/architecture specification creation to understand how the system operates and how the RF’s own sub-system relates to the whole system

Drive primary design configuration between commonly used printed dipole and inverted F antennas and provide potential alternatives that meet unusually challenging customer requirements and can efficiently be produced via high-volume manufacturing methods.

Ensure that reliability needs are met in the design for EMC, safety, manufacturability and regulatory requirements.

Provide appropriate documentation for successful handoff to the factory

Help identify and integrate proven RFICs and modules into high volume consumer products


Hands on experience using S Parameters to optimize RF front end and antenna matching

Hands on experience using RF test equipment including network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and power meter

Strong RF subsystem, circuit analysis, RF link budget and optimization skills and a commitment to driving all design details/issues to closure

Ability to specify and integrate proven OEM RF transceiver modules into high volume commercial products

Experience doing simulation and doing TRP Product testing to identify problems and find solutions for antenna gain, efficiency, and radiation patterns

Experience with EM Simulation tools like HFSS, ADS, EM Pro for Antenna Design

Preferred   experience designing for low-cost, rapid development applications

Ability to troubleshoot and identify and overcome potential RF system issues

Skilled in engineering design, analysis, integration, debug, manufacturing, and documentation tools

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