Our Process
Before you choose a recruiting firm, you should be comfortable with its search and selection process. We utilize the following in-depth and comprehensive process as we conduct each search:

Initial Resume Review
We will evaluate your resume to determine if it matches with current or recurring job opportunities we place for our client companies. When we set up a time for you to come into our office to interview, please be sure to e-mail us a Word document and treat it as a first interview with a company.

• We'll discuss where you've been as well as where you want to go professionally
• Exchange of information about current job openings that match your professional history and goals
• Discussion of what to expect when changing jobs as well as unemployment consultation
• Free computer/office skill tests and training, if needed
Interview Coordination
• NorthShore Staffing Group will act as the liaison between you and our client companies to arrange mutually-convenient interview times
• Your NorthShore Staffing Group Account Manager can share valuable insight with you on the company and individuals you are about to interview with
Interview Analysis
• Post-interview discussion on how closely the prospective company/job opportunity lines up with your professional priorities
• You will receive pertinent feedback from the company so you'll know where you stand in the process
• Scheduling and preparation for subsequent interviews, as necessary
• Discussion of acceptable salary ranges and start date
• As the possibility of an offer draws nearer, we'll discuss your strategy for giving notice, particularly when faced with pressure to stay with your current company
Offer Coordination / Start Date Confirmation
• Assistance in coordinating your job offer and acceptance
Resignation and Counter Offer Consultation
• Your NorthShore Staffing Group Account Manager will remain close-by as you manage your resignation, providing assistance as needed
Ongoing Follow-Up
• NorthShore Staffing Group will stay in touch as you prepare to start your new job, 30-60 days after you've begun your new career, and long-term to see that your transition has gone as smoothly as possible

NSG is proud to offer our job seekers a referral bonus program!

The Idea Is Simple

If you have hard working, responsible friends, send them our way. If we place an individual you refer, we'll pay you.

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