Staffing Solutions


Direct hire solutions are what we’ve built our reputation on. You now have someone on your side who will search, screen, filter, interview and present you with talented options. This allows you to conduct your business profitability on a time schedule that meets your specific needs.

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Consider this a working interview and a financial solution to paying the fee. Bring in exceptional talent for an agreed amount of time (90 days to 6 months) and we will spread the fee out in an hourly bill rate. After the time period, move them onto your payroll at…

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Professional contracting will grow 68% within the next 10 years. Why? Because you can save 15-30% on salary and benefits. In today’s economic environment, many companies hire people with specific skills for short term projects or they hire people they need but can’t justify making a full time hire just…

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Temporary staffing is a strategic tool used my many of our clients for their interim needs such as someone on vacation, short term disability, an employee leaving or special projects. We recruit flexible, quality talent to work on your behalf, not on your payroll.

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This is an additional service that allows you to remove the burden of pay rolling an existing temporary or permanent candidate. This service removes the liability from your organization for unemployment and other payroll taxes.

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