Our Search Process

Define Search Specifications

discovery of duties, responsibilities, objectives for position
discovery of company culture
determine compensation package
(client feedback)

Develop Targeted Recruiting Plan

create a list of prospective source companies whose focus or culture matches that of our client company.
(client feedback)

Execute the Recruiting Plan

penetrate source companies for motivated candidates with appropriate skill sets

Candidate Assessment

interview candidates to confirm motivation, experience, personal/professional priorities, and compensation
discuss counter offer
perform reference checks
administer any necessary computer/office skill tests

Isolation of Top Candidates

draw up a short list of candidates whose experience, priorities, and compensation requirements best suit the needs of our client company
(client feedback)

Coordination of Company/Candidate Interviews

present short list of candidates to the company and arrange mutually convenient interview times

Interview Analysis

obtain and discuss post-interview company and candidate feedback
establish interest level and identify concerns

Selection of Top Candidate

consult with company to determine the top candidate
conduct educational verification
conduct multiple reference checks
conduct credit/criminal/motor vehicle checks as requested

Candidate Counter Offer Consultation

discuss the probability of a counter offer being made and identify concerns
(client feedback)

Offer Coordination / Start Date Confirmation

assist in the negotiation of an approved offer
present offer and obtain commitment

Resignation and Counter Offer Consultation with Candidate

confirm resignation
identify any concerns
(client feedback)

Post-Resignation/Pre-start date Follow Up with Candidate

temperature check with candidate prior to start date to identify any trailing questions, timing changes, or concerns
(client feedback)

Ongoing Post Start Date Follow-up with Company and New-Hire

Ascertain the placement's degree of success according to both company and candidate in the first 30 days, 60 days, and long-term